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Hello, my name is Glenn Stevens and this is my website. Not sure how you got found it but nevertheless here it is. I am an American who grew up overseas. I currently live in Doha, Qatar and I am an English lecturer at the University of Qatar. I have previously lived in the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, San Francisco, San Jose, Oman, Hawaii and Saudi Arabia. My hobbies include travelling, soccer, playing guitar, scuba diving, and of course - keeping this website. I've been keeping up this site since the year 2000.

Recent Updates -

Video Clips - new video clips page! Also, check out my new youtube page

In Progress - Southern Africa 2009 (South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi)

Greenland & Iceland 2008, South Korea 2008 & Yemen 2008

Uzbekistan 2007/2008 & Wedding Photos from Uzbekistan

Internet-Based Language-Instruction Portfolio

For a more detailed analysis on my life story, check out this recent article from the Abu Dhabi newspaper The National by Omar Zaafrani titled 'The UAE is an excellent portal'

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This is the main part of the website - my travel page. I've been to over 70 countries and every continent but Antarctica. These are some write ups of my most recent trips. This website was originally designed for a course (Internet Based Language Instruction) I was taking for my Master's in TESOL at the University of Southern Queensland. Contains information on English Language Education + Computer Assisted Langauge Learning. Site was originally made while I was tutoring guitar. Not a lot here for more experienced players but beginner / intermediate players should enjoy some of the tips and musical theory and guitar playing. A short introduction on how to read tablature. This page links to some of my old friends sites and other places of interest.
Internal Links:

Videos - Hopefully these are up and running soon. For now check these out from my latest trip to Southern Africa in July 2009. These include great white shark cage diving with Sharklady in Gansbaai, South Africa (left) and Lion Encounter in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe (right)

Weblog - This began as a genuine attempt to try and create a weblog which I would update regularly about the ever-changing life in the UAE. Unfortunately, this hasn't really happened and this rather static weblog has not been touched in sometime. There are a few photos from 2005 of Ski Dubai in here however. Hopefull, it will take off again in the near future.

J Neo Marivn & the Content Providers - My old band in San Francisco, J Neo Marvin & the Content Providers. I left SF and the band in 2004 but they are still going strong. Here's a link to us performing "Are you a good witch or are you a bad witch" at the Hotel Utah in 2003 (left) and "Fiscal Year Zero" at Doc's Clock in 2004 (right).


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